National Society of Black Engineers (NSBE) Recruiting Event

Thousands of prospective engineers filled the convention center for the annual #NSBE43 career fair. 

V | Eagle Pass, Texas

From March 29 - April 2 2017 the National Society of Black Engineers held their annual convention and job fair. My husband got an email from the president of Gilbane Building Company to tell him he was chosen to attend the event and represent the company. That's a pretty big deal considering they have offices in every region of the United States, I'm completely biased but things like this just solidify my opinions. My husband is pretty damn dope.

Prospects Omar (left) Ibrahim (middle) talking to Solomon Laws, Project Manager with Gilbane (right, my husband)

The job fair had the biggest names in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) were there to hire interns still in college and full-time for graduates. It was awesome to meet an engineer from Twitter and talk analytics, talk to engineers at Whirlpool about their new "double decker" spraying systems in an upcoming line of dishwashers (on my wish list) and the people who work at SnapChat have convinced me they have the best jobs in the world.

If you are in an African American in a STEM based curriculum or interested in a career in those industries I highly recommend attending an event.

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