Hi, I'm Jourdan!

Central Florida and Houston, Tx lifestyle portrait, wedding photographer. I’ve been interested in photography for as long as I can remember. I modeled a little when I was younger and always was more interested in the camera than modeling. When I was 12, I was getting a portrait session done and the photographer let me hold and shoot with his camera. That was pretty much it for me!

I was born in New Orleans, La then shortly moved to Slidell, La. We moved back and forth between Louisiana and California every few years so I’m a weird mix of California Love and Jambalaya. I’ll cook a full Louisiana creole dinner wearing Vans and a beanie.

Natural light, golden hour lifestyle portrait sessions are where my heart is. There’s just something about the way the sun shines through hair that make me so happy. I love small, intimate weddings and couples in love. I don’t discriminate, as long as you’re both consenting adults we can have a great time creating some memories.

I love everything Disney and have annual passes to the parks. I will never turn down Jamba Juice, ever. I’m a binge watcher and currently watching all seasons of Schitt’s Creek for the 5th time.

I want to be your go to photographer for all of your big moments. Let’s shoot your engagement session, then your wedding. If you start a family I want to be the first person you think of when you’re ready for a maternity session!


I’m married to my biggest supporter and my anchor. He keeps me from floating in the clouds every day. He’s 185 lbs of tattoos, muscle and intelligence named Solomon. We’ve been together for 9 years and married for 4. He didn’t know until our engagement session that I actually saw him first and waited half a block down from where he was walking so I could talk to him when he got close enough to me! He didn’t believe I saw him coming from that far down the street!

We are parents through adoption to this chocolate faced cherub we named Joseph. You may meet Joseph if we shoot on a weekday, I baby wear him through sessions (#attachmentparenting) and am training him to be me future assistant. We still have a ways to go but, you can never start too early.

My life goal is to have a huge family compound or pocket neighborhood with all of my siblings (and in-laws) we can all raise our children together and have a huge family garden. I describe myself as "awkwardly awesome" and want to deliver images you’ll cherish for life!

So if you pick up what I’m putting down let’s meet for Jamba Juice or Chipotle (so California right?) to talk about getting you started with the relaxed royal treatment.